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Tampa Web Design & Graphic Design Portfolio

Meet Rami Saleh, your go-to web & graphic design guru, automotive enthusiast, and all-around tech whiz! With a knack for transforming ideas into stunning visuals, Rami has made the digital world more beautiful since 2003. 👨‍💻

As a seasoned web developer and graphic designer, Rami has a jaw-dropping portfolio featuring over 800 websites and thousands of eye-catching graphics. With a client list longer than a CVS receipt (we're talking 1,000+ satisfied customers), Rami has sprinkled his creative magic across industries from printing to branding and beyond! 🚀

Now buckle up because Rami's expertise doesn't end there! As a co-founder of Giant Motor Cars, he turbocharged the company's marketing efforts and brand development. For six vroom-tastic years, Rami's digital prowess and entrepreneurial spirit drove Giant Motor Cars to the fast lane of success. 🏎️💨

Rami is taking the tech world by storm with his latest innovation: EdgyAI. This sleek web application (check it out at www.goedgy.net) is the digital equivalent of a Swiss Army knife - it's versatile, cutting-edge, and oh-so-handy! 🌐🔥

If you're looking for someone who can navigate the digital world with style, wit, and a bit of pizzazz, Rami Saleh is your guy. Go ahead, connect with him, and prepare to be wowed by his impressive skills, engaging personality, and passion for all things creative! 🌟